image Breathe Carolina announce “Savages” release date and track listing





Fearless Records band Breathe Carolina have announced the release date and track listing for their upcoming album “Savages” which is due out April 15th.

You can read the band’s statement below.

“We’re excited to bring everyone this new chapter of Breathe Carolina. We’ve been exploring new territories and traveling deep within ourselves. This is the most real BC has ever been!” – David

Our new album ‘Savages’ drops April 15th! Check out the full track listing below!

1. Bury Me
2. Bang It Out Feat. Karmin
3. Sellouts Feat. Danny Worsnop
4. Shots Fired
5. Collide
6. Please Don’t Say
7. Shadows
8. Savages
9. Chasing Hearts Feat. Tyler Carter
10. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
11. Mistakes

Go to to watch our first studio update video!!!”

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